Cyril Rogers

Articles from one of the greatest authorities on Budgerigars.

1.    Breeding Opaline Cinnamons & Other Varieties
2.    Clearflights
3.    Olive Yellow Budgerigars
4.    Producing Visual Violets
5.    Clearwings Come In Many Colours
6.    Yellowface Albinos
7.    The Opaline
8.    Principles of Budgerigar Keeping
9.    Olive Yellow Varieties
10.  The Laws of Inheritance
11.  The Exhibition Light Yellow
12.  Breeding Visual Violets
13.  How The Dominant Crest Character Is Inherited
14.  Mystery Bird Named
15.  Breeding Good Coloured Olive Yellows
16.  The Fallows
17.  The Formation of the Budgerigar Club
18.  Rainbow Budgerigars
19.  Short History of Budgerigar Colours

20.  Breeding Behaviour of Albinos and Lutinos
Can you tell breeding condition from show condition?

This is just a sample of what is available, with many more informative articles to come.